Welcome to Andersons Window Furnishings Brisbane!

   Two decorating consultants and one designer handle your enquiries, and operate a showroom with the largest curtain fabric and accessories library in Queensland.  We provide a no-charge in-home consultation and quotation service for Brisbane window furnishings and associated soft furnishings throughout the Brisbane area.  Our interior designer’s decorator services are available on a fee basis.

   A fully equipped 400 square metre manufacturing workroom and a full time installer, provide us with the expertise to supply and install all the products listed in our Product Categories, and we manufacture virtually every item listed there except for venetian blinds and shutters. 

   Dean Anderson as manager, with 29 years of manufacturing experience, personally oversees the design of all but the most straightforward orders, and personally guarantees the outcome, and the backup. Dean is a founding member of the Soft Furnishings Industry Association of Queensland, and a Past President.

   Laureen Anderson, our founder, ensures the administration of our work runs smoothly.


About our Brisbane Window Furnishings and Interior Decorator Services website

   A couple of points: The products shown in captioned images on this site, although not professionally photographed, have been manufactured in our workroom. The few which are not our work, are tagged with the supplier name. Our objective is to provide technically helpful product illustrations, and show the scope of our manufacturing and installation work.

   The information on our Window Furnishings Brisbane services may be too extensive for most retail clients. It is intended to be an additional resource for our associated decorators in architect design offices, and students with whom I have contact.  Dean Anderson.


About you and your project - is this your story?

   You’ve selected floor plan, bricks, tiles …done a bit of colour co-ordination; selected paint colours, kitchen laminates, carpet, combined textures and finishes. You’re pretty pleased with yourself.

   Time to think about soft window furnishings.

Read on for a full discussion about our window coverings Brisbane.

Welcome to Andersons Window Furnishings (Cont.)
Designer Curtains and Blinds Brisbane

   … You’ve been noticing curtains and blinds in TV advertisements / letterbox catalogues / Sunday paper supplements. They belong with the cheap furniture you see advertised in the same places; no place in the stylish home you’ve already part created. At least you know what you don’t want.

   So it’s going to be designer curtains and soft window furnishings, to do justice to your sense of style. Let’s look at some fabrics. In you go, to one of the big name curtain shops/soft furnishings departments. “The living area feature wall is called Sea Haze …” you tell the assistant. Soon you are leafing through fabric swatches, and so is the assistant, diligently.  So many patterns, textures, styles; looking for that Sea Haze. No that’s not quite it, it has a bit more green.

   What are you going to do when you find it? What kind of window treatments do you have in mind? 


Do you want ties with that?  

Well, curtains then, OK.  “What heading do you want?” the assistant says. “Tracks, wood poles or decorator rods?  Top treatment?  Do you want ties with that?”  The assistant has more questions than the person behind the McDonald’s counter, and about as much personal involvement.  What you want, you realise, is answers not questions.


   So what kind of treatments are we going to have? You start to notice the interiors magazines, maybe go back to the display homes with a focused view. Your partner likes the look of those blinds, and considers the whole problem solved. You know some of those blinds might be OK for some areas, and then the room will be only half finished. The magazines are full of interesting looking treatments and trimmings and accessories. That picture is just the effect you like. I wonder if there is a fabric like that which would go with the Sea Haze. But how would you handle the half-bay window area or those two funny little windows off the entrance?


You find Andersons Window Furnishings!

   Round about this time, if you are lucky, you discover Andersons Window Furnishings. A friend or relative may have mentioned us. Most of our business comes that way. There are ten times more fabrics than anywhere you are likely to have looked before. The good news is our decorating consultants. Yes, they are qualified and very experienced interior decorators, but working for Andersons they specialise in window furnishings and the associated soft furnishings items that are crucial to the finished effects of a room. For the sale of these items, which we manufacture and install, their services are available to you at no charge.



Our designer

  Consultancy only services, for overall concept design, or to assist in the selection of colours, finishes, fittings, carpet, furniture and accessories etc are also available on a fee basis from our designer. For window coverings however, there is no fee, our consultants will guide you through the whole process to provide solutions which are individual and practical, and to any budget.  Our sample library contains designer curtain fabrics in all price ranges.

   We are very different from the typical ‘curtain shop’ or ‘soft furnishings department’ which you may have experienced, as described above. But we are also very different from the snazzy little ‘interior decorator shop’, which you may have visited in your attempts to get real help with your project.  Our sample range is a ‘library’ covering all price points.


Other decorator shops and ‘exclusive’ fabrics?

   Andersons stock samples from all the big ‘designer’ names, and we have access to those we don’t stock. Often for the customer with exclusive tastes, there is simply no substitute, no compromise.  We cater for that. But the desire for quality and style in fabrics, does not have to take your budget off the planet.


Feel assured of the finished product with Andersons window coverings.

   The other major point of difference is, our consultants are backed up by Andersons’ 29 years of experience and expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of all types of window coverings and window furnishing products. They have an experienced Brisbane curtains and blinds team.

   There are excellent individual decorators, but they carry the burden of responsibility for absolutely every aspect of the project on their shoulders. Results can depend on the abilities of the various contractors they use. A great deal of technical expertise lies behind those beautiful soft furnishings effects in the decorating magazines.  A glorious picture alone is not sufficient guidance for those without experience.

    Custom window furnishings and custom soft furnishings, well done in quality fabrics, are a very satisfying personal touch for those who appreciate individual design in their homes.


Our guarantee – we take it personally.

   We appreciate that our customers who invest in quality and individuality are entitled to be happy with every detail of the finished product. We have the experience and the expertise in a very demanding area of home furnishings, to know what the finished job can and should look like.



But where do you start?


Step 1: Forget colour. Forget the ‘Sea Haze’. Leave considerations of colour until last.


Step 2: What type of treatment? This should be the first question. Design, and to some extent colour considerations are going to depend on this.


For window furnishings (including curtain and blinds), here is Andersons’ checklist:


            Curtain trends

            Curtain installation types

            Curtain headings & linings

            Curtain track & rod types

            Curtain top treatments

            Curtain accessories


FABRIC BLINDS (Using soft furnishing fabrics):

            Blind trends

            Roman blinds

            Panel blinds

            Bonded roller blinds

            Austrian blinds




HARD BLINDS (Using stiffened ‘holland’ fabrics or other non-fabric materials such as PVC and timber):

            Roller blinds

            Vertical blinds

            Panel blinds (‘hard’ version)

            Metal venetians

            Honeycomb/Pleated blinds

            Timber & PVC venetian blinds

            Other blind types


            External shutters, blinds & awnings


DECORATOR (All the associated items to create the complete decorated room):

            Our sample library


            Custom bed furnishings, scatters, lampshades

            Full Decorator Service: Decorator items & custom furniture



Step 3:  These are the options our consultants will be working with when they think about your project. A tip: Think on a per window basis. Certain types of window are suited to particular treatments. You don’t have to treat every opening in an area the same way.  Our consultant will show you how to tie different treatments together using fabric co-ordinates etc.

   We handle everything in the way of window treatments. Consequently our advice is not limited to a particular product range. Moreover, everything in the list above ‘Metal Venetians’, we manufacture ourselves in our workroom, so we know what we are doing when it comes to design and installation.


Step 4:  Once you and the consultant have decided on treatments for particular areas, it becomes easier to start looking at fabrics from a point of view of ‘style and feeling’. Vague words, and here is another: the ‘look’ that appeals to you is a very personal thing.

  You will be making the ultimate selection of fabrics based on the ‘style and feeling’ that appeals to you. Fairly early on, the consultant will be onto your wavelength though, and she will know what appeals.


Step 5:  (Finally!)  Colour. In the final narrowed down search, when treatment and style options have been decided, only then is  colour the main focus. When it comes to matching colour, it does not have to be drop dead exact. A comfortable companionship is all that is required in most circumstances.

   At this stage also comes consideration of possible trimmings and accessories to accentuate the appropriate colours in the overall scheme. Colour is something that can be massaged.



  And to conclude, a quick word on budgets.  An average houseful of nice window furnishings is $5,000 or $10,000 or $20,000 or $40,000 depending entirely on the price of the fabrics and how elaborate are the treatments. Top treatments, double layer treatments, decorator rods, trimmings and accessories obviously increase the price per window by multiples.

   Based on their experience, our consultants are able to talk budget with you once they have seen what is involved. Let them know what your expectations or hopes are in the matter of budget so they have a basis on which to work.  And remember, you don’t have to do the whole house in one hit. You can always break it down into stages.